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And “Voilà” !!! We are very proud to announce that the 1.0 version of YaPSNapp is available on the AppStore. Moda After 6 month of intensive work, we have reach the goal, we hope you will like this 1st version of the app. In this version, here is a non-exhaustive list of features:

  • Display PSN friends list (Status, Playing game, Last connection date)
  • Display Games and Trophies collection
  • Display the “general” Leaderboard
  • Compare your games list with your friends
  • Compare your trophies with your friends ones
  • Leaderboad by Game
  • Filters and Sorts features
  • Trophies inline Tips and tricks + Trophy guides
  • Trophies integrated Google/YouTube searches (in “Full Version”. Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Barata *1).
  • Multiple accounts (in “Full Version”.
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