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On 2015/09/28, Posted by , In News, With 42 Comments

Hello everyone, That’s a while I work on the next iOS version of YaPSNapp and it’s time to give you some news on its progress. Comprar Boxer Calvin Klein Most technical issues have now been fixed, and a lot of work on the backend have been made. Adidas Ultra Boost Femme Pas Cher Yves Saint laurent Pas Cher This allows me to show you the 1st functional elements that you will find soon :P I’ve started with the game stats (especially because the game image headers is something that I wanted for a while … Versace Pas Cher Tangas Calvin Klein Baratos and it was a huuuuge work):

  • 1st tab displays the info that you already know: Trophies list
  • 2nd tab displays trophies/game stats: with info like the projection of level for platinum / 100%, or the game potential trophies
  • 3rd tab displays all time related info: WE … Boxer Calvin Klein Hombre HAVE … Adidas Yeezy 750 Homme THE GAME SESSIONS !!! ;) (The only constraint for this is that you will need to be connected on PSN during your game session). Comprar Ropa Interior Calvin Klein I let you discover the different information displayed on this screen.
  • 4th tab displays the friends leaderboard for the current game

STATS_01STATS_02STATS_03 STATS_04STATS_05 There is still a lot of work, the “global” profile stats needs a little more work …

42 Comments so far:

  1. avatar Tibaxx08 says:

    good job.


  2. avatar Tibaxx08 says:

    Good job.


  3. avatar Phanchasm says:

    Can’t wait! Thanks for making a great and useful app! Cheers!

  4. avatar Mustafa says:

    Bitte auch auf Deutsch übersetzen

    Die App ist eine Sehr Gelungene und schöne App

  5. avatar Robby says:

    Franchement tes captures donnent envie !!
    Vraiment hâte de pouvoir tester ta nouvelle version !! Tu me rends fou en faisant du teasing comme ça !! Beau boulot en tout cas !!

  6. avatar Fabiano Cruz says:

    Fantastic job! Sony should hire you for good money!

  7. avatar Matteo says:

    Fantastic job!! Wow!!
    I’m following your app since the first version and it’s growing really well thanks to You :)
    Keep it coming, thanks a lot!

  8. avatar Ash says:

    Superb mate, I like the look of this. It’s such a great app, keep up the good work. ;)

  9. avatar M Caiado says:

    Keep up the great work mate

  10. avatar Joshua says:

    Dude, you are awesome! The update looks pretty great. I can’t wait for it to be in my Update tab!

    Out of curiosity, think of implementing and 3D touch or the Safari in-app browser or anything? The app is pretty sick, with or without them, though!

  11. avatar altals says:

    와~ 좋네요. 에서 보던 통계기능이 추가되는 건가요.
    계속 발전되는 모습이 좋습니다. ^^

  12. avatar Lastminuteguy says:

    Would you care for/allow me to do a Dutch localization of the app?

  13. avatar Ahmed Badawy says:

    U rock my friend:)
    Love the app and can’t wait for the new stuff
    Give sooooon plssssss

  14. avatar fast-413 says:

    Looking forward to new version – I use the all the time.

  15. avatar x-BIOS says:

    Merci les gars pour ce travail, votre appli est super

  16. avatar Simone says:

    i know that Italian is not a common language but is it possibile have Italian translation of this fantastic App?
    if necessary I can help with the Localization.

    thanks a lot
    Simone :)

  17. avatar Diego says:

    Italian language please!! :(

  18. avatar Anwar AbdelQader says:

    I hope this releases by new year.

  19. avatar Tibaxx08 says:

    Alors, la sortie approche ?

    • avatar Jeff says:

      Malheureusement encore pas mal de boulot sur la partie stats … mais de grosses améliorations ont été faites sur la partie messagerie :/
      Je posterai bientôt un billet avec une date de sortie prévue :)

  20. avatar Tony says:

    Yesss me tarde d’avoir la maj !!
    Tu fais du bon boulot comme d’habitude !!!

  21. avatar Sasano says:

    Why don’t u put in the next update the ability to record voice massage

  22. avatar Alex says:

    When this version will be released?

  23. avatar Zakaria says:

    Bon application :)
    Si vous avez besoin d’une aide pour la traduction arabe, je suis à votre entière disposition.

  24. avatar Ken says:

    I’ve already purchased the full version 2 years ago now I have to pay again for the full version?

  25. avatar JeffyT says:

    Is this still in development?

    • avatar Jeff says:

      Lot of work in “real life” during last months and lot of changes on Backend (Hosting change / Backend refactoring).
      I will release a v3 … without the global profile statistics, but with all other features. (Global stats will be for the next one). I should be able to submit it by the end of next week.

  26. avatar Felix says:

    When you will update? There is a public beta for iOS?

  27. avatar Daryk says:

    Fantastic! I’m glad you’re still working on your app.

    Would love to see Xbox and Steam added someday. Truly turn the app into an all around gamers dream. :)

  28. avatar Aziz says:

    Is V3 coming this year? Please say yes!

    And yap i more than happy to buy the app again.

    Thank you jeff.

  29. avatar Tibaxx08 says:

    C’est dommage que tu ne donnes pas plus de nouvelles sur l’avancée du projet:-(
    Tu nous as mis l’eau à la bouche mais depuis presque 1 an, c’est silence radio.
    Tiens nous juste au courant ;-)

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