Small version 3.1

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A new version has just been released, it will be available on store in few hours. Moda Tips y tendencias Acheter Adidas Ultra Boost Slip Calvin Klein Baratos This version contains the following items: 2 factors authentication Time format 12H/24H.

The v3 !!

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And here is v3! UPDATE: 11 Oct. Calvin Klein Mujer Ropa Interior Culottes Calvin Klein Baratos 2016 07:12: Available on appstore Finally … Bolsos de moda Moda Emporio Armani Ea7 Comprar Bragas Calvin Klein finally this version is being validated at Apple !! It was probably the most complicated since…

Work in progress 2 …

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Hello everyone, That’s a while I work on the next iOS version of YaPSNapp and it’s time to give you some news on its progress. Comprar Boxer Calvin Klein Most technical issues have now been fixed, and a lot of work on the backend have been made. Adidas Ultra Boost…

YaPSNapp for Android !

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Hi everyone, T Shirt Philipp Plein Pas Cher As you all expect, the Android version of your best PSN app is being developped (and we’re starting to see the end of the tunnel \o/) After a preliminary test phase on our side, Philipp Plein Polo Homme it’s time to open…

Trophy guides FR

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This ticket concerns only the application when it is displayed in “French” language.

Is this the end of YaPSNapp?

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I hope not, but the news are not good. It seems that Sony has decided to block the access to their PSN service made by the application. Currently, queries made on PSN are done via our server, acting as a gateway between the mobile application and the SONY servers, and…

Work in progress

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Hello everyone, Here are some news about the next version of yaPSNapp iOS … Armani Ea7 Pas Cher Since the first version of the application, I have in mind some ideas I have never yet been set up, most of these ideas are related to statistics on a bit of…


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Hello everyone ! We just put in place (at least for the iOS version in a first time) a GitHub repository allowing those who want to: Translate the application to make it available in their language Propose new application themes The benefit of this system is the ability to participate…

YaPSNapp v2 Beta 2

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Hi everybody, First of all, Thank you for you feedback … Alexander Mcqueen Pas Cher Ropa Interior Masculina Calvin Klein it is, on the whole, very positive and it’s nice and it is encouraging. Philipp Plein Pas Cher Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Hombre Calvin Klein Tanga I had some troubles…


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There is actually some issues to connect / refresh. Tangas de Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Bragas This is due to “Terms and Conditions” that have been changed for PSN accounts.

Beta 1 – Beta 2 subscriptions

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Hi, Here is the subscription link for Beta: Please don’t forget to register with your PSNID as the “Last Name”. Tendances de la mode Without this your subscription won’t be taken in account. I will need to select some of you depending on : Your language Your Device Your…

No Game & trophies update

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For 3 weeks you have notice that there is no more games & trophies update in the app, only the friends statuses are updated. Here is the explanation and what will be the next steps:

YaPSNapp v1.x is dead

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Since March 31, Sony has removed the last “working” flow I was using (the one used for Friends list) So … Tendances de la mode Adidas Yeezy Boost Pas Cher Bragas Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Boxer Hombre Comprar Bragas Calvin Klein from now, nothing to do but wait for v2…

So … what’s next ?

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Here are some time that we have not posted any news from our 2.0 version … Bolsos de moda Bragas de Calvin Klein Ropa Interior Calvin Klein Barata We are still working on it, but didn’t have the necessary time to move forward as expected … Adidas Yeezy Boost 750…

Connection issues

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There is actually synchronization issues. Tanga Calvin Klein Mujer The PSN sources we are using (the same as other apps, Official EU Playstation app, PSN Friends, myPSN or PS3Buddies, EU WebSite) are actually experiencing connection issues. Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Baratos Sync are not available. Bragas de Calvin Klein (Error: The…