1. par Anonyme le 2015/01/02


    app issues

    hey, i just wanted to see if there was a fix to this problem that i am having… ok so i have 3 accounts, 2 of the 3 are working excellently but one of them just wont receive messages at all or when it does it takes 30min to an hour to see it pop up.. now i did have this issue with one of my other accounts that are working now, it was fixed by changing the password for whatever reason and now it works… but this wont just wont work at all, ive tried changing the email to it… and the password a couple times and it just doesnt seem to want to work… now my question to you is are there only certain accounts that work while others fail or is this more or less the work of the api itself in not registering certain accounts or credentials… and if it is the api then it would be nice if someone would try to get ahold of sony about it, anyways hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks :)

  2. lawrence
    il y a 5 years


    il y a 2 years

    can’t sign in anymore if I mange to sign in it says account already exist return to the application doesn’t not save the log in and exit back out can’t use the app anymore??!!?

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