1. por Anónimo el 2012/08/10


    Medal table

    How about an option to order the medal table by platinum, then gold, silver and finally bronze medals – like the Olympic medal table (except there aren’t platinum medals in the Olympics)?

    I’ve tried, but sorting by bronze then resorting by silver does not retain the bronze ordering for those with the same number of silver medals.

  2. Bomber
    hay 8 years

    Thinking about it, this should be the default behaviour when sorting by platinum trophies, rather than a separate option. If two friends both have two platinum trophies, you wouldn’t expect the one with two golds to be ranked above the one with twenty.

  3. Support team
    hay 8 years

    You’re Right :P … Will be part of 1.5 release.
    Leaderboard will be sorted by :
    -1- The number of choseen Trophy Type (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    -2- The number of trophies in the bellow levels (Gold > Silver > Bronze)

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  4. Support team
    hay 8 years


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