1. par Jeff le 2016/10/14


    Network Authentication Step 2

    For the past few days every time I refresh I’ve been getting the Network Authentication Step 2 failure.

  2. Jeff
    il y a 4 years

    This error is probably due to 2 Factors Authentication.
    At this time, 2FA is not yet supported by this 3.0 version (I didn’t want to wait more for this release, that has taken lot of time to be ready) … but this feature will be added on the v3.1 (It needs an intermediate screen to be able to enter the code sent by SMS and complete the authentication).
    For this version, you can:
    – De-activate 2 steps Authentication temporarly
    – Connect your account to YaPSNapp (The refresh tokens are valid for more than 3 months in general)
    – Re-activate 2FA keeping the current session (on activation screen do not check the checkbox “Disconnect all existing ….”

    —— FR
    Cette erreur est très probablement due à l’activation de l’authentification à 2 facteurs sur votre compte PSN.
    La double Authentification n’est pas encore supportée par cette version 3.0. Cela fait d’ores en déjà partie d’une prochaine release 3.1.
    En attendant cette version, une solution pour contourner le problème peut être de:
    1- Désactiver la double authentification temporairement
    2- Connecter ton compte sur YaPSNapp
    3- Ré-activer la double-authentification (en décochant la case forçant la déconnexion des sessions existantes)

    1. Status changed from New to Open
  3. Kevin
    il y a 3 years

    I’ve never had 2 Factors Authentication on. I’m experiencing this issue.

  4. Jeffrey
    il y a 3 years

    Same here.. i was logged off by the app and can’t logon again.
    It keeps saying i am already logged in but nothing shows..

  5. Arleys
    il y a 3 years

    Can’t login wither

  6. Mais
    il y a 3 years


  7. Nic Regis
    il y a 3 years

    This needs to be addressed. You have people who have paid for this app and cannot use it. It’s been this way for over a year. It’s unacceptable.

  8. Jon
    il y a 3 years

    Please contact me sir. I tried to register but your site says you are forbidden in using mail() function. I try to log in and after going through 60,000 google captcha it says i am already signed in, but it won’t then register my profile in order to download trophies. I paid for this, and I tried to install on a new phone. Please address this. I tried both with and without 2FA and both scenarios fail.

  9. Rodrigo
    il y a 3 years

    Instalei, paguei e não conecta com a conta, fica horas carregando e por fim não conecta.

  10. Rodrigo
    il y a 3 years

    I installed it, paid it and it does not connect with the account, it takes hours to load and at last it does not connect. So far no support.

  11. ghost
    il y a 2 years


  12. ghost
    il y a 2 years


  13. ghost
    il y a 2 years


  14. Amar
    il y a 1 year


  15. abcd
    il y a 1 year

    android 3.1 update Plz…

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