1. by Anonymous on 2013/03/30


    Youtube videos dose not show

    When i try to wartch i video, it send me a error, “error loading page” please help

  2. Support team
    about 7 years ago

    In Version 1.5
    There is a Bug with the Youtube integration (YouTube button in the Trophy details page)
    The search is not done on the specific IOS YouTube website but on the “mobile” version that does not present a compatible video player for iOS devices.

    We have fixed this issue, and will release it in our 2.0 version (Will be Released soon – during April 2013)
    Btw, you can use the following workaround:
    – In the trophy details screen, click on the Youtube icon => this will open the in-app browser
    – in the displayed YouTube page … don’t click on the videos … but on the icon (bottom toolbar) to open this page in Safari
    – You will be redirected with Safari on the compatible IOS YouTube page where you can click on the videos …

    On the Trophy details, on several ps3trophies.org guides the embedded YouTube video player does not work properly. It is the case when the player displays 1 Red arrow in the center of the video and 1 small White arrow in the bottom left corner (with other option buttons). In this case, click on the BOTTOM LEFT arrow (the red one is inactive).
    Once again, it is fixed on the 2.0 version (Currently in Development)

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  3. Support team
    about 7 years ago

    Resolved in 1.7

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