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[UPDATE: You have to disconnect your account(s) and restart the app, in order to be able to connect again once the fix release 3.5.5 installed]

Recently Sony changed its authentication flow, the application still uses the old method and therefore faces problems that many of you have encountered:

  • A reconnection is requested several times a day
  • Game sessions are not properly recorded
  • Push notifications of new messages or friends status changes are not sent

This is due to the fact that the PSN invalidates the OAuth2 authentication keys very often, these tokens are used to keep connections active and to make regular updates to game sessions and send notifications.

We are currently working on a fix to be able to restore the “normal” application behavior and hope it can be release soon.

4 Comments so far:

  1. avatar Adrian palmer says:

    Any update yet for app. Get annoying have re log in

    • avatar Jeff says:


      Version 3.5.5 has been released. You will need to disconnect your account … kill the app and reconnect to be able to fix the issue


  2. avatar Jean Balzsam says:

    all tried,
    when the problem will be solved

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