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    WIFI or Cellular connection error (5.0.1)

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    Several users are encountering an error during friends list update (Users with IOS 5.0.1)
    You have this error everytime a request is done on our servers by HTTPS (The library we are using have a BUG). So, we have just submitted to Apple an “Intermediate” version of our 1.5 release to fix this issue.
    By the way, for users that have a jailbroken device, here is the actions to perform awaiting the 1.5 update:
    Here are screenshots from iFile app.

    • 1- You have to access to the application folder (/var/mobile/applications)
    • 2- Enter the application folder / Library / Preferences
    • 3- Click the “com.drakfly.YaPSNapp.plist” file and choose “Properties file reader” (Screen 1)
    • 4- Click on the “urlServiceConfig” entry (Screen 2)
    • 5- Entry the entry like in screen 3, http://rescue.yapsnapp-config.appspot.com/getConfig?FormatType=JSON … No “HTTPS” but “HTTP”
    • 6- Comes back to springboard and kill the app (Screen 4)
    • 7- Start the app AND WAIT for titlebar spinner to be completed. Enjoy :P


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