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    Synchronisation des messages KO

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    I have an iPhone 5s and I just updated to the newest version of the app, well it was all going fine and I was receiving my messages properly and it would sync everything the way it should and now for the past 2 days it wont sync anything, when I receive a message it takes hours to even show up sometimes if even at all… I do know that last night playstation was ddos again and was hacked and I wanted to know if that could be the reason why I don’t receive messages any more… the steps I have taken to try to solve this issue are: deleting the app and reinstalling, resetting the app from the app settings, resetting my iphone’s settings to default… and now all I get is a you have no messages to show kind of screen and every time I try to sync my messages to my phone it wont do it itll just keep going around and around… I have 2 accounts and both are doing this so pls get back to me as soon as possible :).. (also by the way the app is activated)

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    about 7 years ago

    There is actually an issue with the PSN API for retrieving messages … I’m getting timeout on this service each day between 18:00 GMT and around 5:00 GMT
    That’s the major reason why the official playstation app have a lot of bad reviews in App Stores … coz it is using this service that is timing out most of the time … It was working very well before starting to be unusable for the last 2 months … The only hope is that they will correct it but it seems that they are not working on it :( …

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