1. by Support team on 2011/10/03


    Lost in translation . YOU CAN HELP US :)

    We want to translate our application :
    – 1: To have all buttons, menus, labels,etc in different languages
    – 2: To have all the Games / trophies in different languages (Done once the 1) point is ok)
    – 3: To have Tips and Tricks and “Complete guides” in different Languages. (Like “Playzine” for French language or “PS3Trophies.org” for english). You can provide us some good Trophy Guides Websites for each language, and we will contact them to include their guide links in our application.

    We are French, and we don’t speak other languages :P, If you want to help us to translate the application, then you can contact us with this email yapsnapp@drakfly.com, and we will give you (for each language) the file to translate the app.

    To thanks the 1st contributors ;) we offer for each 1st contributor by language, the “Full version” of the app (Multi-accounts, Remove ads et Integrated Google et YouTube Guide search (Price: $0,99/0,79€).

    The first target languages are :
    Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German

    Thanks in advance

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    about 1 year ago


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