1. by Support team on 2011/11/15


    Version 1.0.1 – Release note

    Release note for Version 1.0.1:

    The “Maintenance” part is fixing

    • Random crashes when retrieving friends data and navigating to Games/Leaderboard (Internal 0x00003aeb)
    • Random crashes when retrieving games data (Internal 0x000c99cd)
    • Performance issue when retrieving friends/games. Save of friends / games are done in background (Internal 90)
    • The account list was not refreshed after deleting account. (Internal 101)
    • The friends are no more deleted when they are not “returned” by Sony site (Internal 91)
    • Display bug for Platinum and 100% completed games (Internal 94)
    • Missing “alphabetical” sort in Leaderboards (Internal 92)
    • Randomly, the “default” avatar (returned by Sony site) was displayed for the “connected” profile instead of the “real” avatar. (Internal 93)
    • An UIAlert box was displayed in case of Memory warnings (Internal 82)

    The “Improvement” part is:

    • Add UDID/Device/OS on Support Mail inapp creation.
    • Add Daily request indicator
    • Add information on progress when retrieving games for a profile with “New” trophies
    • Add an Auto-update option for games refresh
    • Add an option to display player Comment in friends list
    • Add an option to display a searchbar to filter friends by their name in friends list
    • Add an option to hide the “Hidden trophies” (Ticket #120)
    • Update the Crash Reporting tool (more infos)
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