1. by Support team on 2012/11/30


    Version 1.5 – Release note

    Release note for Version 1.5:

    The “Maintenance” part is fixing

    • Crash for device in IOS 5.0.1 (cf. Ticket #197)
    • Add a button to restore “In-App” Purchase
    • Change password screen (Following password update on PSN)

    The “Improvement” part is:

    • New interface (Menu / Options).
    • Theme selector (Classic Glossy, Classic Matte)
    • Colors display for friends list (PSN colors or custom colors) (cf. Ticket #130)
    • Friends list filters (Online, Offline)
    • Leaderboard sort improvements in case of sorting by Gold / Silver / Bronze (cf. Ticket #188)
    • Add “Percentage” sort in Games screen
    • iPhone 5 / IOS 6.0 compatibility
    • Games filter (All / PS3 & PSVita) (Cf. Ticket #180)
  2. Joshua
    about 9 months ago

    Can I change my password

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