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On 2015/09/05, Posted by , In News, With 19 Comments

Hello everyone, Here are some news about the next version of yaPSNapp iOS … Armani Ea7 Pas Cher Since the first version of the application, I have in mind some ideas I have never yet been set up, most of these ideas are related to statistics on a bit of everything and anything, as regards the history of obtaining trophies (distribution according to several factors such as the trophies types, platforms, difficulty, time, etc.) but also some elements to assist me in my trophies hunt (the most “simple” trophies to obtain, trophies potential of certain games, etc.). It also happened to me to ask me some questions about my future with PSN, how many trophies I have to acquire for the next level … Adidas Yeezy Pas Cher Femme or just the ones to pass BapediBoupi: P And of all that … T Shirt Fendi Pas Cher Calvin Klein Tanga (and other ideas I hope) should be part of the next version of your (our) application. For now, I started to realize some mockups of what could be the new “My Profile” screens … I let my imagination free while having no idea how to do it for certain :S … Slip Calvin Klein but hey, no pain, no gain ;) Here are my 1st ideas on GUI elements: D Feel free to add your comments / ideas …

19 Comments so far:

  1. avatar Scott Middleton says:

    These added statistics look fantastic! Great work!

    What is your time frame in when you could possibly realease these? I suppose its probably in early stages…. Its just these screenshots get me rather excited!!!

    Thanks for everything!

  2. avatar Riley says:

    Those look sick! Solid additions :D

  3. avatar Shaynette_ says:

    C’est une super bonne idée je trouve! Personnelement ca me plait beaucoup car je suis ” a la chasse des trophée” et ce serais top! Savoir ou on en est de notre lvl, nos trophées remporter, enfin tout ca détailler j’trouve ca super comme idée. J’espère que ton projets aboutira! Bonne continuation

  4. une idée qui n’est pas encore utiliser par personne serais sur un jeux connaître le nombre de point que l’on peut encore obtenir en rapport au trophée restant

  5. avatar Rams says:

    hello an application for Apple’ll watch the top

  6. avatar Sam says:

    for some reason when someone sends me a message i don’t get any notifications. Is this a bug? And how do i fix it? Otherwise, these new updates look nice.

    • avatar Jeff says:


      Notifications needs to be actived for YaPSNapp application (can be configured in the settings stock app)
      Be sure that Notification for “Messages” are actived in the YaPSNapp settings screen

      Note that the new message(s) are checked periodically and notifications are sent only every 15 minutes (like friends online/offline status changes)

  7. avatar Mathieu says:

    Hi! First of all, hats off for this great app! I’ve only been using it for a week but I’m really impressed. Very happy to hear you’re working on statistics, I love stats.
    Some ideas:
    Game stats: Instead of user stats, implement game stats as well. For example: Graphs of when a game’s platinum has been earned. Or rarity changes. Or maybe show a big general leaderboard with which games have the most ultra-rare trophies, etc.

    For user stats: Would be very nice if you can select filters for stats and graphs. For example, graphically showing when you earned your platinums, or ultra-rares. Show how your completion rate has developed over the years.

    Maybe a cool function apart from statistics is a function to find games suitable to you. For example, filter/select a few games of your list and have the search engine find games similar to these games. Or “people who played these games also played…”.
    This because there are so many games we don’t know, which might be really suiting to our preferences. But they are just so unknown that we haven’t heard of them.

    Anyhow, feel free to ignore these suggestions haha.
    Keep up the great work.

    Gr. Mathieu

    ps. When i read the name of your app, I always read yap – snapp haha

  8. avatar diegocevallosn says:

    Love your Job!!

  9. avatar Maddog1 says:

    Looks like a great job guys, let’s get it uploaded. Sweet

  10. avatar Jonny says:

    First of all this app is amazing! It’s the best trophies app I have ever tried. Great job.
    Your new GUI elements look fantastic. You should definitely add then.
    And last but not least a suggestion for a functionality: the option to search for other games, independently if you own it or not. That would definitely help me search for trophies.
    Thanks for reading and keep up your incredible work!!!

  11. avatar MarkR07 says:

    This is an awesome app and these ideas look amazing, keep up the good work!

  12. avatar Ahmed Badawy says:

    wow I adore this app really best trophy app ever. I am so pleased that I purchased it.
    The above work in progress will make this app awesome. You are on fire my friend
    But pls don’t keep us hanging for long as I can’t wait for them :)

  13. avatar Robby says:

    Salut !!
    Je trouve l’application déjà super génial, si en plus tu arrives à rajouter tout ce que tu aimerais… Merci pour ce superbe travail et bon courage pour la suite…
    J’ai vu un comm. parlant d’une version AppleWatch, je souhaiterai plus une vraie version iPad perso ;)

    Bref vraiment hâte de voir le résultat :)

  14. avatar Simone says:

    This app is the One i wanted and searched.
    It’s very good and it works smoothly :)
    I love it.

    And new features I think are awesome. :)
    Do you use Apple test flight app for beta versions of the app.
    I would like to participate to the beta process of the application if there is. ;)

    Thanks a lot for your great work


  15. avatar Anwar AbdelQader says:

    keep up the good work!!!

  16. avatar Kenneth says:

    WOW man, well done, looking forward to it!!! How did you do it?! It’s such a good app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. avatar NuNo Junior says:

    you are the best, your app is the best of all about trophies psn, please do not give up on him ever

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