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Hello everyone ! We just put in place (at least for the iOS version in a first time) a GitHub repository allowing those who want to:

  • Translate the application to make it available in their language
  • Propose new application themes

The benefit of this system is the ability to participate in all or part of the localization. Calvin Klein Bragas Several people previously proposed to translate the application, but for lack of time or because the task is quite long, almost have abandoned. Tendances de la mode Culotte Calvin Klein (Except for the Portuguese translation Thanks to Diogo :)) The contributions will have to go through “pull-request” on localization or theme resources. For the uninitiated to GitHub (or Git more globally), the easiest way is to download the Github application and follow (or try) instructions: Create a Github account Download the desktop application (for Windows or Mac) ( or Go to repo and fork it. Fork On your forked repo, click on “Download to desktop” – It must launch the github app, ask for your login and directory to download the project Github_forked Add / Copy / modify file(s) from the finder / explorer Modifications In the github application, commit your changes and add commit description Commit Sync your changes to your forked repo Sync Click on the “pull request” button PullRequestButton Submit your Pull request SubmitPR For a translation to be included in a future version of the application, it must be complete for application localization files AND for the Stores summary presentation. If the process seems too complicated, you can download the files from the repo, translate them and send them by email to However in this case, translations must be complete (Localizable.strings AND AppStore.txt files) in 1 submittal.

7 Comments so far:

  1. avatar Jack Dolan says:

    How does one push changes to your git hub repository?

    As it asks for the following:
    Username for ‘’:

  2. avatar Jack Dolan says:

    I am using git bash command line – I will look into installing github

    Love Newbie Jack! haha

  3. avatar Jack Dolan says:

    I did the following on command line in git bash:

    git clone
    git pull


    git add -A
    git commit -m “new theme for YaPSNapp (example)”

    git push origin master

    That is when it asked for password (when pushing)

    • avatar Jeff says:

      You don’t have the permission to push modifications directly on the master branch of /YaPSNappContrib repo. That’s why you have to :
      1 – Fork the repo
      2- Commit and push your modifications on your own forked repo
      3- Create a Pull Request via GitHub website

      I’m not sure that pull requests can directly be done via command line tools.

  4. avatar noirdream says:

    Hi! I’ve recently found your app and I love it. Would like to contribute with translation but I’m a total noob in programming. Could you please give a bit wider instructions how I can do it the most convenient way for you? I’ve did everything in github but not sure where to translate% in github or in other applications because in github text not editable.

    • avatar support says:

      With Github application you will retrieve the “text” files locally on your PC/Mac and then depending on which OS you are working (Windows / Linux / MacOS X) you have to translate each “text” file with a text editor application.
      You can use SublimeText on every os (, or Notepad++ for example on Windows. Once translated, the Github application will only be useful to commit modifications and send the Pull request. (by following the steps described in this article)

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