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On 2015/09/08, Posted by , In News, With 27 Comments

I hope not, but the news are not good. It seems that Sony has decided to block the access to their PSN service made by the application. Currently, queries made on PSN are done via our server, acting as a gateway between the mobile application and the SONY servers, and Sony has obviously decided to block this server that, that’s why you should see issues when connecting or synchronizations. Ropa Interior Masculina Calvin Klein Baratos So I have to find some alternatives, one of them is to make calls directly from the application, but:

  • I will have to review the current application behavior (this is also including the android in beta version) and then develop and submit a new version of the application
  • This will take time
  • This will most likely not restore some useful features such as push notifications for status changes of friends or for new messages

In short, I am a little discouraged and angry towards Sony … YaPSNapp users are THEIR users who have paid their console(s), those who pay their subscription to PlayStation Plus, those who, although using Sony’s free app are still willing to pay € 1 for a friendlier and faster app. Personally, it is the poor quality of the official application that was my first motivation to develop YaPSNapp … Calvin Klein Mujer Ropa Interior and I do not understand their interest in this approach … even if it is true that they never favored the arrival of this type of application by not providing official API. So, I return to my Xcode to try to do something … thinking “But what a band of moth….” for each new line of code. Bragas Calvin Klein Baratas Ropa Interior Masculina Calvin Klein Here are some screens of the ongoing work …

27 Comments so far:

  1. avatar Doug Parks says:

    keep up the good work! Your app is fantastic. It’s a shame that Sony is resorting to these practices. Their own app is awful.

    • avatar Twistu says:

      on connaît tous la politique de Sony un ami s’est fait bannir pour une photo de profil sans avertissement.
      Tu fais du bon boulot ton appli est au top et la num 1 des app psn en ce qui me concerne.
      Ne lache pas on est tous avec toi

  2. avatar Fabiano Cruz says:

    Thank tou for your app. I paid the $1 for it and don’t regret. I hope you suceed and surpass these difficulties.

  3. avatar Faisal says:

    This is programe is so perfect , please don’t block it :(

  4. avatar Adrian says:

    Why Sony didn’t hire you. You got amazing ideas to do so.

  5. avatar Gustavo says:

    Amazing app. I hope there’s a work around the servers because this app is amazing!

  6. avatar Sébastien Lamy says:

    C’est vraiment stupide de la part de Sony de mettre des batons dans les roues de cette application, ou déloyal. Ils font peut être ca pour récupérer les utilisateurs de YaPSNapp sur l’appli officielle… Bref, on ne peut que vous encourager dans votre recherche d’une solution car oui, cette app je m’en sers au quotidien, et c’est une vraie réussite visuelle et fonctionnelle. Bonne chance !

  7. avatar Jon says:

    i was wondering what was him on. You’re app is still the best there is. Good luck hopefully you can sort it out!

  8. avatar Ash Redding says:

    It would be criminal to close this app down. Its brilliant. Typical of Sony that. They farm money for fun off US the end user & yet make arsey changes to stop the good things working. As mentioned you should work for them Jeff as the Official PSN app is nowhere near as efficient & clean as this even after the latest update. Apart from navigating to the Store it offers nothing else that sets it apart. Fight the good fight & lets hope YaPSNapp stays because its too good not too!

  9. avatar M Caiado says:

    Mate, you are a legend, keep up the good work use the app everyday!

  10. avatar Iperzampem0 says:

    Oh man You know I loved this app since the first version and hearing this is a little disappointing.. :(
    Shame on you Sony!!!

    Even though I’m not using that much my PlayStation anymore, I hope you can continue developing it, the support from us, users, will continue to be present.

  11. avatar TI829 says:

    This is the best App of PSN!!!
    Keep going with this App

  12. avatar CJ says:

    You can do this! This app you’ve built is infinitely better than the official PS app. I was lucky enough to test the 2.0 beta of YaPSNapp and I would hate for all that hard work to be lost because Sony decided they want to have the only app. You’re the best! Keep up the good work.

  13. avatar Nuno jr says:

    Your app is the best, not give up, continue with their ideas, love your app and use it daily. please continue

  14. avatar Tibaxx08 says:

    Courage et en espérant que tu puisses trouver une solution.
    Pour moi, cela reste la meilleure appli portable.
    Merci pour tout le travail fait.

  15. avatar Blourf says:

    Sony, Konami, square enix … Why do Japanese companies always have their heads up their asses?
    Create something good with potential, but make sure it kinda sucks at all times. Same goes for apple. The bigger and greedier firms get, the less they care.
    Can’t you use VPNs? Connections will be slower and push notifications may not be that smooth, but with the abundance of free servers out there it will take them quite some time to block them all.

  16. avatar Copernico Mora says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! This is the best app for the playstarion!! Is crisp, more friendly user and is the only that make trophies hunting crazy easy. Sony better stop there bullshit. Hope you everything worked.

  17. avatar Fzferrari says:

    Nooo please this is the best apply for games, trophies,friends and much more,this apply is amazing,I bought more than 20 games only for this apply,you guys are helping Sony business,how we can tell Sony to stop.keep yaPSNapp please.

  18. avatar Wastedtalent says:

    Your app makes playing games more fun, so it’s a shame that Sony blocks your server. Hopefully you’ll manage to find a solution to get the app working again.
    And Sony is you read this, hire this guy or at least help your fans making your brand better.

  19. avatar Eski says:

    This is the best app for PSN trophies and pretty much everything to do with the PlayStation, this was the first app I actually paid for and I have used it since it came out, please don’t feel disheartened, please keep going, you have loads of supporters and a massive following too

  20. avatar Shaynette says:

    C’est vachement dommage! Ton app est vraiment génial! J’y passe le plus clair de mon temps lorsque je ne suis pas connecter sur la play. Je trouve ça stupide et inutile de leurs pars. Ils ne sont pas cappable de nous pondre une bonne appli, qu’ils nous laissent la tienne. Courage, tu trouveras une solution on est derrières toi nous! :D

  21. avatar Klf says:

    yapdnapp is awesome great work with the app I’d love to have more trophy guides.

  22. avatar Maddog1 says:

    Sony you idiots this is the best playstation related app. Your app Sony is shite

  23. avatar Tony says:

    les enc…. De Sony :/
    Courage et si on peut faire quelque chose n’hésite pas car il y a pas de comparaisons possible entre ton appli et celle de Sony enfin si on peut dire que cette dernière est une appli .,,

  24. avatar El says:

    I normally don’t comment on these things but Sony is being ridiculous. This app is far better. It’s clean, easy to navigate, includes so many extra features and is just the best app I’ve ever paid for hands down. I love the trophy integration and use it mainly for that reason. I wish I knew why some games don’t that have the PS3 trophy guide on the app when it’s on the official website.

  25. avatar MarkR07 says:

    I really hope you can work this out, this is a fantastic, fast, convenient app. I would hate to see it go like this.

  26. avatar Kaique says:

    keep up the good work! Your app is fantastic. It’s a shame that Sony is resorting to these practices. Their own app is awful.

    Your app is the Best!

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