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And here is v3! UPDATE: 11 Oct. Calvin Klein Mujer Ropa Interior Culottes Calvin Klein Baratos 2016 07:12: Available on appstore Finally … Bolsos de moda Moda Emporio Armani Ea7 Comprar Bragas Calvin Klein finally this version is being validated at Apple !! It was probably the most complicated since I started developing this application, with unfortunately not enough time to spend and a lot of stuff to do (but not necessarily visible – server side). Boxer Calvin Klein Mujer Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Outlet The complete release note is: 1- Messaging improvements

  • Auto-refresh in conversations (no need to return to the message list)
  • Added stickers management
  • Instant push notifications between “Full Version” users
  • Open the conversation by tapping on the notification message
  • Saved writing message (if screen change or closing the application)

2- New game screen

  • Cover image for each game
  • New view for trophies & DLC trophies (with trophies countdown by DLC)
  • Tab statistics (ranking for remaining / obtained points, projection level, breakdown, etc.)
  • Tab time: Game sessions (Cf. Tendances de la mode T Shirt Versace Homme Pas Cher explanation below), Distribution of trophies, Obtaining speed, etc.
  • Comparison Tab with friends
  • Added possibility to set some trophies as “important” (missable or “to do” for example) + associated filter

3- Add ​​available Languages

  • German
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Italian

4- Adding a profile visualization Widget 5- game coverage Selection as a background image in YaPSNapp Profile

Note on recording sessions

A new feature for recording your game sessions is available in this version, here how it works: Your “public” PSN status “Online (+current game) / offline” is used to determine your playing time.

12 Comments so far:

  1. avatar Tony says:

    Super me tarde de la télécharger.
    Tu as un fait beaucoup de taf sur cette version encore !!!
    Encore merci à toi :)

  2. avatar Iperzampem0 says:

    Love it! I was eagerly waiting for your v3 update :)

    Thanks a lot even though I’m not using that much my PS3 anymore.

  3. avatar Aziz says:

    You’re the best, I love it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ in appstore now

  4. avatar Tibaxx08 says:

    Perfect ;-)

  5. avatar Shaynette says:

    Un boulot monstre. Ça promet d’être extra. Merci pour tout le boulot que tu fais pour améliorer au mieux ton App. :)

  6. avatar Nito83 says:

    Jeff t est au top. Je t avais déjà envoyé un mail pour te le dire mais là t as mis la barre encore un niveau au dessus. Ton app c’est la folie,quasi parfaite. Indispensable

  7. avatar Billy says:

    Awesome, thanks so much for an awesome app!

  8. avatar Ashbo82 says:

    Hey bud, its been a while hope your well?

    Great update & good work. It updated fine but I had to reinstall the app.

    Looks great bud keep up the good work. ;)


  9. avatar Fab says:

    ne fonctionne pas avec l’authentification en 2 étapes du PSN dommage

    • avatar Jeff says:

      la v3.1 a été approuvée, avec l’authentification en 2 étapes.
      Elle devrait être dispo d’ici quelques heures dans le store (iOS pour le moment, Android arrive bientôt)

  10. avatar Kevin Yank says:

    It’s probably important to document somewhere that for the new session recording feature to work, you need to make sure your PSN privacy settings show your activity to All (I had mine set to Friends).

  11. avatar José says:

    When it’s coming for android system? Because it’s a very good app

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