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And here is v3! UPDATE: 11 Oct. 2016 07:12: Available on appstore Finally … finally this version is being validated at Apple !! It was probably the most complicated since I started developing this application, with unfortunately not enough time to spend and a lot of stuff to do (but not necessarily visible – server side). Boxer Calvin Klein Mujer Calzoncillos Calvin Klein Outlet The complete release note is: 1- Messaging improvements

  • Auto-refresh in conversations (no need to return to the message list)
  • Added stickers management
  • Instant push notifications between “Full Version” users
  • Open the conversation by tapping on the notification message
  • Saved writing message (if screen change or closing the application)

2- New game screen

  • Cover image for each game
  • New view for trophies & DLC trophies (with trophies countdown by DLC)
  • Tab statistics (ranking for remaining / obtained points, projection level, breakdown, etc.)
  • Tab time: Game sessions (Cf. explanation below), Distribution of trophies, Obtaining speed, etc.
  • Comparison Tab with friends
  • Added possibility to set some trophies as “important” (missable or “to do” for example) + associated filter

3- Add ​​available Languages

  • German
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Italian

4- Adding a profile visualization Widget 5- game coverage Selection as a background image in YaPSNapp Profile

Note on recording sessions

A new feature for recording your game sessions is available in this version, here how it works: Your “public” PSN status “Online (+current game) / offline” is used to determine your playing time. You must be connected to PSN to allow YaPSNapp to store your session Your online/offline status is checked every 15 min, this is representing the maximum gap that can exist between your real playing time and the one recorded by the application
Several games cannot be recorded When you are online, the online game name is not the same as the one in your games list: Example: Uncharted Collection, this is what is displayed when you are online even if you are playing to Uncharted / Uncharted 2 or Uncharted 3, in this particular case, your playing session cannot be recorded on a particular title.

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