Is it worth it I turn on my PS3, PSVita or PS4 if I have any of my friends online? Do I still have more trophies than Thomas? How can I do to win the last trophy? If you ask yourself these questions from time to time, then there is YaPSNapp for that. With this app, you will be able to learn anytime and anywhere, which of your friends is online and whether you will be able to play your favorite FPS. With YaPSNapp you can track your activity on the PlayStation® Network and your friends from anywhere. A friendly and intuitive interface allows you to quickly know what happened on the PSN since your last visit.


Are they online … on which game and from how many time did they disconnect. How many trophies have they won since the last sync. Answer to these questions in 10 seconds.


Enjoy your trophies collection and your friends one (Access to it offline once synchronized). If you need a hand … take a look at the tips and tricks (and / or the guidelines). If no guide is available, use the integrated search to find help.


Use your PSN messaging to organize your game sessions or to find help if you want some help your game platinum

If you have a PSN account specifically for your favorite game, No problem, you can declare multiple accounts and switch from one to another to view your groups of friends. In an instant you’ll see what (s) trophy (ies) your friends have earned since the last time. You can admire your trophy collection offline, before bedtime. If you did not know how to win the trophy that your friend has just acquired, so maybe a little look at the™ tips and tricks or at the integrated searches will help you get there faster.


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Best PSN app ★★★★★ It’s prettier and has more functionality than the official app. I’ve already recommended it to several of my friends and they all agree. I came for the trophy guides and stayed for everything else.jbwzrd213 - Version 2.5 - Jun 17, 2015
Great app with so much potential. ★★★★★ First off let me say, this app is far better then the official one released by Sony themselves. This app may not offer what the Official app does, but This app offers a better experience with a better interface to the messages. With the ability to customize your layout the possibilities are endless. Thank the devs for making app that Sony should have made in the first place, thank everything we have third party developers. Keep up the updates as this app has potential to be much more.SKS97 - Version 2.5 - Jun 08, 2015
The best PSN app !
Probably the best Playstation® network app you have ever seen