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You have surely seen the info, and your application is updated with the new levels calculated by Sony. Migration is underway at Sony level, so some profiles are migrated and others are not.

In YaPSNApp, there is some UI problems and some features that no longer “work”. We noted the following issues:

On iOS:

  • The “Level” icon is always the same “Star”, the bronze / silver / gold / platinum level icons are not yet included
  • “Friends” / “My profile” screen: The header does not display the level on 3 digits
  • “Friends” screen: The level is truncated for friends with a 3-digit level
  • “Ranking” screen: The level label overlaps the progress percentage
  • “STATS” screen on a game: The level projection is incorrect and corresponds to the old levels

On Android:

  • Small display defects / overlaps (less important than on iOS)
  • “STATS” screen on a game: The level projection is incorrect and corresponds to the old levels

If you see other bugs, please let us know by email:

An update will therefore be implemented to correct these problems, for the moment, we have no target date, because Sony has not communicated anything on the new equivalences in points of the trophies (previously 15, 30, 90, 180 for respectively bronze, silver, gold, platinum) and on the level crossing stages (previously progressive according to the level brackets), without this information, we lack enough to do certain calculations, the points by trophies must allow the calculation of the level and progress in a logical manner (especially for the upcoming release on iOS on the establishment of a large panel of various statistics)

We are on the spot! … in the same way, we obviously plan to update the application for the arrival of the PS5 … but again, no information came from Sony on the changes that this will bring from a functional point of view … but also at a technical level (API modification? new API? etc.)

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  1. richard HIX says:

    Keep up the good work! Love the app

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