YaPSNapp v4 – Demo trophy guides

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It’s been a long time since I communicated on the iOS v4 progress. The redesign takes time, especially because depending on the week, I can’t always devote the necessary time to it, but I’m quite proud of what I’ve finished on the new trophy guides features. The next version will…

YaPSNApp – PS5 & Roadmap

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It’s been a while without communication, but we have a lot going on. We are also receiving support emails for PS5 games support on the app. It’s time to give you some explanations and visibility and take stock of the situation in terms of PS5 support and the future of the…

Search For the purpose of Pc Help

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Security and safety photographers, safety and security experts and then patrolmen are actually appointed to consider more household and persons during who house, in the event appropriate.

New PSN Levels

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You have surely seen the info, and your application is updated with the new levels calculated by Sony. Migration is underway at Sony level, so some profiles are migrated and others are not. In YaPSNApp, there is some UI problems and some features that no longer “work”. We noted the…

Version 3.5

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Version 3.5 has been submitted to Apple for validation. This version includes the following features and improvements: Full compatibility for iOS12 / iPhone XS/XS Max/XR Bug fix of re-authentication Messaging: Message/Chat search feature added Messaging: UI improvements (Group names, group image, system messages, history loading) Rework on the Notification screen…

Error on connection – Blocked on “please wait…”

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Hello, Since this weekend, many of you (former users having their session expired, or new users) can no longer connect to the application. The cause is a minor change in the Sony login webpage, which is no longer compatible with the app at this time. A correction is in progress…

Small version 3.1

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A new version has just been released, it will be available on store in few hours. This version contains the following items: 2 factors authentication Time format 12H/24H. Crash fix for iOS 7 fix of minor bugs

The v3 !!

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And here is v3! UPDATE: 11 Oct. 2016 07:12: Available on appstore Finally … finally this version is being validated at Apple !! It was probably the most complicated since I started developing this application, with unfortunately not enough time to spend and a lot of stuff to do (but…

Work in progress 2…

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Hello everyone, That’s a while I work on the next iOS version of YaPSNapp and it’s time to give you some news on its progress. Most technical issues have now been fixed, and a lot of work on the backend have been made. This allows me to show you the…

YaPSNapp for Android !

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Hi everyone, As you all expect, the Android version of your best PSN app is being developped (and we’re starting to see the end of the tunnel \o/) After a preliminary test phase on our side, it’s time to open the alpha version to you guys ! This alpha test…

Is this the end of YaPSNapp?

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I hope not, but the news are not good. It seems that Sony has decided to block the access to their PSN service made by the application. Currently, queries made on PSN are done via our server, acting as a gateway between the mobile application and the SONY servers, and…

Work in progress

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Hello everyone, Here are some news about the next version of yaPSNapp iOS … Since the first version of the application, I have in mind some ideas I have never yet been set up, most of these ideas are related to statistics on a bit of everything and anything, as…