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For 3 weeks you have notice that there is no more games & trophies update in the app, only the friends statuses are updated. Here is the explanation and what will be the next steps:

  • The update does not work, because Sony has updated their EU & US websites. I’m retrieving trophies info from these websites … and so, I cannot move forward without making modifications, I started to update the code for this.
  • Here are the issues I have encountered during the development of the v1.91 :
    • The new games page for the connected profile is ok (I have made the changes on the DEV platform … and it works) BUT
    • The new games page for a friend profile, NOW only compares the common games … the friend games are no more displayed in the website => We lost informations compared to the previous website … and so, we are not able to display the friend’s games that you don’t have : 1st BIG issue
    • The new trophies page displays “truncated” trophies name when they are too long … by adding a “…” => 2nd issue => Not able to compare each trophy name to retrieve the guide tips
    • The new trophies page does not diplay the acquired trophy date => 3rd BIG issue => I’m no more able to display this information

In summary, Sony have updated their websites (to display PS4 games and update the old design) … but in the same way, have removed lot of information that were displayed before: Thank you Sony !!! So ? what’s next ?

  • I cannot retrieve all existing information from the official websites, and so, I won’t be able to update the 1.9 app to retrieve the lost information (in a v1.91)
  • I don’t want to use “tiers” websites (like or … because, we are not authorized to do it … and don’t want to be dependent from other websites
  • I’m developing the v2 of the app that is using other data flows and other authentication service (the EU/US websites are no more used) … and will be able to restore the existing features and some great additional ones

BUT … I have a real job … and I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the app … so, it is moving forward, but slowly … because of complete code rewriting, I will launch beta releases (at least 2 or 3 versions) For this beta versions (reserved to some FULL users) … I will keep you updated when it will be available for tests and how you will be able to register. Here are some screenshots of what is in progress:

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